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The High Energy Rocket Engine Research Facility (B-1) and Nuclear Rocket Dynamics and Control Facility (B-3) were rocket test stands at NASA Glenn Research Center’s Plum Brook Station. The test stands were vertical towers with cryogenic fuel and steam ejector systems that permitted rocket fuel systems to be studied in simulated altitude conditions. Each test stand had several levels, a test section, and ground floor shop areas. The test stands relied on an array of support buildings to conduct their tests, including a control building, steam exhaust system, and fuel storage and pumping facilities.
B Complex Layout
Physical Descriptions:
I. B-1 Test Stand:
Description of the B-1 tower, levels, base, and test section.

II. B-3 Test Stand:
Description of the B-3 tower, levels, base, and test section.

III. Support Buildings:
Description of the B Control and Data Building, Steam System, Water System, and Propellant Storage.

Photograph of exterior of B-1
B-1 Stand and Ejector
Photograph of exterior of B-3
B-3 Stand
Photograph of boilers inside Boiler House
Photograph of dewar
Hydrogen Dewar