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Glenn History Office
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History Collection
The Glenn History Office was created in 1999 to preserve and promote our rich heritage for current and future researchers. Services include basic and in depth reference and research; documentation of facilities, projects, and people; publications in NASA’s Historical Publications Series; management of the Glenn archives; oral history interviews; development of historical programs, exhibits, and handouts; appraisal of historical materials; and coordination of conferences and special events.
The archives contain complete sets of the Center’s newsletter and telephone directories back to the early 1940s, copies of files from the Director’s Office dating back to the 1940s, a collection of oral histories of former employees, historic artwork, photographs, and film, press kits from most of the major NASA missions of the 1960s and 1970s, and many other documents regarding the Center, its facilities, programs, and employees.
Photograph of cover of 1942 edition of Wing Tips
Wing Tips 1942
Photograph of mounted drawing of the RETF
RETF Artwork
Photograph of Orbiting Astronomical Observatory B press kit
OAO-B Press Kit
Photograph of cover of Altitude Wind Tunnel book Revolutionary Atmosphere
Revolutionary Atmosphere
The Glenn History Office has sponsored and written a number of publications on the Center’s history. In addition, Virginia Dawson wrote Engines and Innovation: Lewis Laboratory and American Propulsion Technology—a history of the Center from the 1940s through 1990. The History Office has created several websites, two video documentaries, and numerous exhibit displays.

Photographs of covers of two books and a DVD
Photograph of the RETF display
RETF Display
Photograph of the AWT Website
AWT Website
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Engines & Innovation
The Glenn History Office has also hosted several book signing events and the 2003 Realizing the Dream of Flight Conference. In addition, the History Office participates in open houses, community meetings, and Center events.
Photograph of speakers on stage at Realizing the Dream of Flight Conference
Photograph of crowd in theater for premier
Photograph of Virginia Dawson and Mark Bowles at table signing Centaur book